Al Quran 2:274
Those who spend of their goods (in charity) by night and by day in secret and in public shall have their reward with their Lord: on them shall be no fear nor shall they grieve.
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The genuine motive of establishing the institution was born out of sympathy and good intention towards the poor section of the Muslim population of Chennai. It is evident to everybody that in the event of financial crisis or unexpected expenditure, the lower middle class and the poor get entangled in interest based loans. As a consequence they lose even the minimum assets and become poorer, and are forced to face more hardships in life. Realizing the plight of the poor, the Shariyath Baitulmal was founded with an objective, to save the poor from this heinous sin, and to end the curse to a considerable extent. So from the beginning, lending interest free loans to the needy has been the major component of the service of this institution. Apart from this service, all other services rendered by this institution, are secondary in nature.

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  • Qarz-E-Hasana
  • Zakath
  • Students’ Scholarship
  • Health Care
  • Relief & General Aid
  • Handicapped Welfare
  • Women’s and Children Welfare
  • Urban and Rural Development
  • Youth welfare and Education
  • Food and Nutrition

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